How Not to Waste Some Time

Every time you open up the lid of your laptop, a giraffe appears out of nowhere stood across from you in the same room. The giraffe appears to be having an in-depth conversation about the F-22 Raptor, a stealth tactical fighter aircraft, with a green caterpillar the size of a small pickup truck. The giant caterpillar listens with intrigue and then there are a few moments of silence while both animals ponder in thought. This happens every time you open up the lid of your laptop.

Do you have an agenda?

I mean right now. What are your plans? I would bet that reading this wasn't on your to-do list this morning.

Opening up your laptop can be such a passive act. It may occur multiple times in any given day and you may think little of it. Don't let it be a passive act. When you open your laptop, be reminded of the giraffe. Be reminded of the caterpillar, nodding it's head in agreement with a statement made by the giraffe regarding the hidden costs behind an oddly specific kind of fighter jet and then ask yourself:

do I have an agenda?